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Textpraxis # 9


In the ninth issue Ashwin Manthripagada continues our encounter with the ’68 movement in his article on Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha, Elisabeth Heyne provides guidelines for a bio-aesthetical poetics of the symmetry between text and image and Michael Serrer, head of the Literature Office of Northrhine-Westphalia, is interviewed by the Textpraxis editors.

Theories of Literary Study
Zu einer bioästhetischen Poetik der Symmetrie zwischen Text und Bild in Judith Schalanskys »Der Hals der Giraffe«

Since the iconic turn resp. pictorial turn, the epistemic impact of scientific practices of visualization is widely discussed by various disciplines. In her article, Elisabeth Heyne picks on the current debate in order to link it with categories of literary analysis, which themselves react on the increased interest in imagery and presentability within sciences. By the example of Judith Schalansky’s Der Hals der Giraffe Heyne reflects on the correlations between image, diagram and text before the backdrop of the limits of visual image and written text. Furthermore, the article takes a deeper look on the interrelations between aesthetic representations and natural sciences.

Literature and Society

While Hermann Hesse’s work was read widely before the 1960s, the Counterculture’s fixation on his work led to a parallel scholarly fixation on its global reception and impact. It is as if the scholarship was orchestrated to amplify Hans Robert Jauß’s contemporary ideas on reception theory. Jauß’s reception theory is a useful tool for understanding how one text can inspire myriad lines of thought, inquiry, and response. The article therefore seeks to discover why, about 45 years after its first publication, Siddhartha was so important for the U.S. Counterculture.

Literary Studies and Praxis
Michael Serrer aus dem Literaturbüro Düsseldorf im Interview mit der Textpraxis-Redaktion

The Textpraxis editorial team talks with Michael Serrer about the transmission of literature in the digital era, canonisation and the role of literature in society. Michael Serrer is Director of the Literature Office of North Rhine-Westfalia and a feature writer.


In this ninth edition, our digital journal of philology Textpraxis presents itself in a new design. In the course of a relaunch, our website has not only optimized its outward appearance, but also offers readers new helpful functions. Textpraxis is from now on bilingual and can be viewed in both English and German. Also, the dialogue between authors and reviewers in the backend of Textpraxis is also now possible in both languages. We would like to point out that our users have to request their passwords again, as for privacy reasons a transfer of passwords from the old to the new website was not possible.

The editors would like to thank the International Office of the WWU Münster for the provision of financial resources, which have enabled the technical implementation of a bilingual website. We hope that the international orientation of Textpraxis will continue to be promoted further in the future.

To emphasize our new internationalization, our current edition is also opened by an English article: In the section »Literature and Society«, Ashwin Manthripragada deals with Hermann Hesse's work and connected it to the topic of the '68 movement, which has also been explored in the previous two issues of Textpraxis. In the section »Theories of Literature«, Elisabeth Heyne dedicates her article to Judith Schalansky's Der Hals der Giraffe and provides guidelines for a bio-aesthetical poetics of the symmetry between text and image. The section »Literature and Practice« features an interview with Michael Serrer, acting head of the Literature Office of Northrhine-Westphalia in Düsseldorf since 1998.

We would like to thank the authors and the reviewers of the current issue for the great cooperation.

Lastly, we wish all readers a pleasant and stimulating read.

Your Textpraxis editors


Textpraxis # 9 (2.2014) has been published on November 1 2014.

Editorial Team:
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