• Cover Sonderausgabe # 3

    Autor und Werk. Wechselwirkungen und Perspektiven

    Autor und Werk

    Special Issue # 3

    Author and work, two basic concepts in modern literature and literary studies, become once again the center of interest in contemporary research. In the wake of this reception, interaction and reciprocity between authors and their work, as well as structures and processes are considered and simultaneously address implicitly or explicitly the mediality and materiality of literature. This special issues explores the relationship and its implications of these two categories ›author‹ and ›work‹.

  • Textpraxis #15 Cover gedreht

    Textpraxis # 15

    In this issue, Jana Wittenzellner presents different conceptions of authorship with regards to the writings of Hildegart Rodriguez. Julian Ingelmann poses the question why the genre short stories dominates German writing forums, while Verena Meis examines parasitic tendencies in Kathrin Rögglas' works.


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