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In the twelfth issue, Jean Marie Carey analyzes Franz Marc’s painting Liegender Hund im Schnee, Tilmann Köppe and Jan Stühring differentiate Genette’s categories regarding focalization and Lena Lang deals with Elfriede Jelinek’s digital (self-)promotion.

Theories of Literary Study

Is zero focalization reducible to internal focalization or to variable internal and/or external focalization? In this paper, we provide some arguments that it is not. In a nutshell, our claims are these: Given the account of focalization made popular by Genette, zero focalization is not reducible to internal and/or external focalization. Since the account of focalization made popular by Genette has considerable weaknesses, we provide what we take to be a better account of focalization. For this account, zero focalization is not reducible to internal and/or external focalization either. Our paper is devoted to spelling out these claims in more detail and to providing a rationale for each of them.

Literature and Society
Jean MarieCarey

In her article Eyes Be Closed: Franz Marc's ›Liegender Hund im Schnee‹, Jean Marie Carey studies the polysemic meaning of the painting Liegender Hund im Schnee, which hitherto has been uninvestigated. Carey reconstructs this not only with reference to the exchange of letters between Marc and his Expressionist colleagues and the different developing phases of the image, but also by looking at other artists who have influenced Marc at this stage of his work.

Literary Studies and Praxis
Elfriede Jelineks digitale Selbstinszenierung

The Austrian writer Elfriede Jelinek has been running her own website since 1996, which houses an extensive text archive by now. On the Internet, she presents herself in-between the public and the private sphere, as a discursively produced media icon, but also repeatedly in connection with her own biography. This article examines one of Jelinek’s strategies, which is central to her self-image as an author and is clearly reflected on the website: the paradoxical simultaneity of exhibiting the private and of undermining this reception offer, the simultaneous presence and absence of the author, which is expressed textually and paratextually through the motif of the living dead.


We are pleased to present three new articles in the twelfth issue of Textpraxis. Digital Journal for Philology. In the »Literature and Society« section, Jean Marie Carey (Dunedin) analyzes the polysemic meaning of Franz Marc’s painting in her article »Eyes Be Closed: Franz Marc’s Liegender Hund im Schnee«. In the »Theories of Literary Study« section, Tilmann Köppe and Jan Stühring (Göttingen) expand Genette’s three categories zero focalization, internal and external focalization in their article »Is zero focalization reducible to variable internal and external focalization?«. Köppe and Stühring aim to clearly differentiate those terms. In the »Literary Studies and Praxis« section, Lena Lang (Göttingen) deals with Jelinek’s digital (self-)promotion of ,privacy’ and intimacy as well as publicity and disappearance in her article »Elfriede privat?! Elfriede Jelineks digitale Selbstinszenierung«.

Textpraxis continues to grow. We like to welcome Birte Fritsch, Kerstin Mertenskötter, Levke Teßmann and Elisabeth Zimmermann from the Graduate School Practices of Literature to our editorial board and look forward to working together. At the same time we say goodbye to Constanze Bartsch and thank her for her help and commitment.

We not only thank our new and old members of the editorial board, but everyone who takes part in Textpraxis. With their constructive criticism, the reviewers helped to optimize all three articles. Furthermore we are pleased that you, our readers, use the comment function of Textpraxis. There have been published contributions to the discussion regarding both Theresa Schmidtke’s and Mirjam Bitter’s articles of the tenth issue.

We invite you to contribute to already existing and/or new discussions with comments or elaborate replica. All three articles of this issue offer a potential for discussion.

We wish you an exciting reading!

Yours Textpraxis editorial board



Textpraxis # 12 (1.2016) has been published on May 1 2016. 

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